Full-stack Software Development

  • Java web services and web application for the Google Application Engine
  • React HTML/JS web clients
  • Java stand-alone web clients

Tailored machine learning, optimisation and artificial intelligence research and implementations

  • Research and prototyping
    • We implement complex algorithms directly from research papers and provide prototypes (Python, Java) and proof of concepts.
    • Statistical pattern recognition, regression functions and probability density estimation
  • Implementations
    • We can help with the development including cloud based and interfaces to third parties services. Development can be targeted to web and intranet, Android and other Java-based software platforms.
    • We can oversee and project manage research-like projects and assist with and verify deliverables.
  • General software development
    • We can implement highly specialised Java libraries for your use within your own applications including
      • Data analysis, visualisation and statistics
      • Complex numerical algorithms
      • Machine learning, simulation and optimisation